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Serial Experiments Lain
Information and Explorations

Welcome to the Wired









Welcome to the Navi Homepage.....

As you know, Serial Experiments Lain is a 13 episode anime series. But this is no ordinary series, in this short 13 episode period we are only given part of the story, and left to figure the rest out for ourselves.

So that is where this site comes in. It is to explore the series, and bring forth to you some of the possibilities and theories I and many others have on this show. Coming soon, there will be summaries of each episode, in addition to the several thoughts and ideas about this show.

So turn on your Navi and head into the wired, as you read through and explore Lain's many possiblities.

Warning: This site contains SPOLIERS

Beware of the Knights
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This site has had 4371 hits since it was made, and it has yet to be completed.

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