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Serial Experiments Lain
Information and Explanations











 Lain  Mika  Yasuo Iwakura  Lain's mother  Alice
 Tachibana Men in Black  Chisa Yomoda  Masami Eiri  Mr. Big  Knights
 Taro  Myu-Myu      


A result of protocol 7's creation. She is first awakened after her friend Chisa dies, and thats her first experience with the wired. She enounters the Knights and has God like abilities.


Lain's "sister". She was possibly the prophet meant to portray the message of the Deus, but faces a mental detioration later in the series.
Yasuo Iwakura

Lain's "father". Adopted Lain and was responsable for guiding her to her true potential. Possible worked for Tachibana and partly responsable for Protocol 7. One of the few people to truely love Lain. Possibly symbolizes God when watching from a religious aspect.

Lain's Mother

Doesnt really have a big part in the whole series. She doesnt seem quite thrilled about Lain and doesnt show much affection.


One of Lain's few friends. She invites her to Cyberia and befriends her early in the series, and remains loyal and Lains true friend.
Tachibana Men in Black

These are the agents that work for Tachibana General Labs. Their job seems to be monitoring Lain, but possibly also to stop the Knights and the Deus.
Chisa Yomoda

Commits suicide in Layer 01, and her spirit seems to lurk in the Wired.  She initiates Lains awakening. 

Died in what apparently was a train accident. Fired from Tachibana for incorporting Schuman Resonance into Protocol 7 with the goal to relink the world. He becomes God of the Wired but is destroyed by Lain when he attempts to physically cross over from the wired.
Mr. Big

Boss of Tachibana MIB.  He seems to want to create more defined border between  the Wired and the real world. At the end it is revealed that he was working with Eiri.


The disciples or followers of Masami Eiri, and an elite hacker group. They were responsable for KIDS and the Phantoma error, and worked to destroy Lain it seems. Later the MIB kill them off.


A junior Knights member, knows lots of info on computers and has a fascination with Lain.  Spends his time in Cyberia.


Friend of Taro, and jealous of Lain because Taro likes her. 

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