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Serial Experiments Lain
Information and Explorations

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Layer 01 Weird
      The start of the series, a person is saying "Why, why wont you come here? You really should come." Next we see Chisa Yomoda, a classmate of Lain, who is upset, and is communicating with this voice. She looks up toward the building, and the voice tells her why she should do it is something she should figure out for herself. 
She goes on top of the building, and before she jumps, she says something. What is strange is that this doesnt come out of her mouth, the words "I don't need to stay in a place like this" come up on the message board like screen (possibly showing she was already connected to the wired).
     The next day we see Lain walking out of her house. She walks down a road where it is filled with wires, and there are voices. While she is on the subway, with all the wires around it, Lain is annoyed with all the noise she hears, and yells shut up. Oddly, the noises cease and all the people stare at her strangley. 
When she arrives at school, a classmate is crying. Alice, another classmate, asks Lain if she got the email from Chisa that the other girl had received. Lain states she doesnt check her email often. Alice claims its a prank email from Chisa, after all, shes dead, she committed suicide.  During class Lain looks at her hand and smoke starts coming out of it.
     When Lain gets home, she heads up to her room, where she pulls out her Navi computer that she hasn't used forever.  She logs on, and finds out she had 1 new message, from Chisa. The email states that she has only given up her body, but is still alive. And at the end, she says "Here, there is a god." 
     Lain doesn't really know how to react, she tells her mom at dinner, who doesn't seem to care at all.  Next she goes to see her father, who has an office room containing several networked computers. Lain asks him for a new Navi, so she could communicate with her friend. Yasuo Iwakura agrees to it, saying it important for her to use computers. He even says that people should live and communicate in both the wired and the real world, but her mother can't understand that.
The next day, Lain is riding the train. It comes to a complete stop and everyone knows immediately there has been an accident.  Lain looks out the window and sees blood dripping from the wires outside. Then she is taken into some vision where she seems to be all alone. Its foggy and shes near the train tracks, with the sound that a train is coming. Lain sees a girl jump onto the tracks just before the train passes. Just before the train hits the girl committing suicide, her face morphs (some say she symbolizes Eiri). Lain wakes up in her English class, where she sees the message come to the wired as soon as you can written on the board. 
     While Lain is walking home, she passes the entity of Chisa. She asks Chisa where she really is, but gets no response. Chisa just fades away, but proves to Lain she is still alive.

  Layer 02 Girls

     At first we hear someone telling someone else not be afraid and to take chances sometimes (Alice and them); then we are at Club Cyberia, is where this one begins. There is a man sitting at a table, and he is approached by a waitress wearing a gasmask. She throws down a napkin and he pays her 10,000 yen. Wadded up in this napkin, was a "smart drug" named accela. We are still seing messages come up on our screen telling  us about accela, much like the message boards in Layer 01.
     The man swallows the drug, and in seconds it takes effect. The room slows down around him, and in one part of the room, he sees a woman push some guy over, and when the woman turns around, you see she has a lot of resemblance to Lain. He then sees the image again, although this time it looks like it is through a machine. The Lain look-alike calls out to him and tells him to go with her.
     It is then the next day, and Lain is checking her computer for messages, which she has none. She talks to herself, and Mika comes in believing she is talking to her imaginary friend. When Lain heads off for school, she sees a man in a suit hiding behind a telephone pole (later we know he works for Tachibana). She runs off scared.
     When she arrives at school, Alice and her two friends approach Lain, believing she was also at Cyberia, like they were. They saw this Lain look-alike that they mistook for her. They invite her to join them the next time they go.
Then we see a documentary like scene for accela. It explains that once ingested, the drug releases a synthetic hormone that accelerates the human awareness, by a factor of 12. It goes on to say that the long term effects are unknown...
     Then in the hallway, Lain sees the weirdest thing. In the shadows, a ghostly school girl appears. Then three tall colorful apparitions manifest and walk past Lain. Then the ghost girl morphs faces, just like the train girl in Layer 01, and goes right through Lain.
     Once she gets home from school, she sees a delivery truck parked outside her house. The delivery guy, who had been waiting there, is realived to give to her the new Navi her dad ordered from her in the previous episode.  The first thing she wants her dad to do is set it up, since she is eager to see if she has gotten mail from Chisa. Once her dad sets it all up, Lain checks her mail, but has nothing. She is startled by her cell phone, which contains a message from Alice to come to Cyberia.
     She arrives at the club and passes three kids on the way to the basement. These kids will play a major part later. But while she is in the club she meets up with her friends, who tell her that she should have dressed up more. Then the whole club erupts in chaos as a gun is fired. Lain is once again scared to see blood, like in the first episode. Once everyone has cleared the floor, we see that two people are laying dead next to the shooter, the man before who took the accela.
     The boy is scared to see Lain, who is just standing there watching him. He seems to be very paranoid and confused. One of the last phrases he says before he commits suicide is that the wired can never interfere with the real world. With that said, Lain starts walking towards him, only increasing his fear. With the gun pointed at her head, she says no matter where you are, you are always connected. He then turns the gun and shoots himself. 

Layer 03 Psyche

Layer 03 starts right where the last episode leaves off at. Police cars are flooding Cyberia. While everyone is walking out, we hear another voice. This one asks the other one if it had heard of Lain, since the voice hears of Lain being very powerful in the wired. Then the setting is in a police station, where Lain is being questioned. The man states that he isn't getting an answer at Lain's house, that her parents must be away. Once the man is through questioning her, Alice runs over to see Lain. She explains to Lain that she is sorry, and wants her forgiveness. Alice starts crying and some of her tears drop on to Lain's hand. After Alice leaves, Lain looks down at the tears on her hands in a confused or surprised kind of way.
     Lain gets dropped off at home by the police officer. Once she gets inside, she observes that no one is there, just as the officer questioning her had stated. She searches the house but finds no one; and Lain even checks her computer to see if they had left her any messages, but comes up with nothing.
     The next morning Lain leaves her room expecting no one to be there. Downstairs she sees her mother at the sink washing dishes. Lain begins to ask her mom about where everyone was the night before, but stops half way through her question. Her mom seems surprised to hear about it, and her response to it showed it (perhaps the mom knows Lain is on to something).
     After Lain leaves the house, she heads down the road to catch the train. She is scared when she sees a black car parked on the side of the road, in about the same place where the man in the dark suit was the day before. Inside the car, a red light is following her, showing there are people in the car that are watching her. And even more weird, she is hearing a voice talking to her on the train.
     At school, Alice and her two other friends have a crowd around them as they tell everyone what happened at Cyberia the night before. And during class, Lain hears another voice talking to her while she doodles on a sheet of paper. The voice is explaing how a persons activity in the wired is limited to the Navi, but the Psyche processor enhances the Navi's ability in the wired to a high factor. Then the image of Chisa appears, and states to Lain that she doesn't need to stay in the real world any longer, that in the wired she is completely free. Lain is irritated by all this and holds her head as she tries to stop listening to it, while a voice keeps saying Who is Lain?  on and on.
    After class, Lain, Alice, and her two friends are talking about the night before. Alice asks them all what is wrong with them, for the night before they saw a person die right in front of them and they are acting like it was not even real. Lain pulls a package out of her locker, which contains the Psyche chip in it, but how it got there remains a mystery. When Lain gets home, she is listening to conversations in the wired. One person is talking about what the person did while he was on the effects of accela, and that the market for it will probably die. Another talks about the Psyche chip itself, that it is produced in Taiwan, by the knights (who are an urban legend on the wired). Next someone talks about how good dying is and how good it feels, while another says he feels accelerated. Next a girl begs for help, she is being watched by a kid in red and green (the alien) and can't take it anymore. 
     Lain gets a new message on her Navi, but her dad walks into the room to check up on her. Lain goes to ask her father if he knows anything about the Psyche chip, but he leaves the room swiftly claiming he has no idea about it. After that, Lain goes to check her message. We don't know what the message was, but we can infer that it was asking her to come to Cyberia. Lain leaves the house, but when she opens the gate, she sees the black car with two red lights inside that follow her.
     Once at Cyberia, she is stopped by DJ JJ, who somehow knows her. Lain has no idea what he is talking about, but he thinks of her as some hip cool girl it seems like (the other Lain we should say). Lain walks over to a table with the three kids she passed up the night before. She asks about the Psyche chip, and learns it gives her full access to the wired. While the older boy explains how to install it, while Taro just stares at her. After that, Taro explains how he had once seen her in the wired, and he wants to know why she was so different on the wired. Lain has no clue what he is talking about, and then Taro asks her on a date. Lain seems angry about him saying that, and the girl acts jealous. 
     Mika is walking home, and she passes the black car, but the lights were not in there this time. When she walks up to her house, she is surprised to see two men in dark suits standing on her porch. She is shocked to see the device that they wear over their eyes. They tell her to keep going and act like she never saw them and tells her that they were never there. Mika threatens to call the police, but the tall one states that what good is it to call the cops if they were never there. They walk away and anger Mika, because she wanted some answers. Inside, Mika is talking to her mom, and warns her mom about them. But she doesnt seem to care, and won't listen to Mika about them. When Mika walks upstairs, she looks into Lain's room, and sees Lain working on her computer. One thing i never figured out; Lain gives a big smile, and says welcome home big sis, in a statically sounding voice.

Layer 04 Religion

    This Layer starts off with the typical city scene with the voice. The voice tells about not needing parents, that humans are all alone and are not connected. Then in Lain's room, she is working on her Navi, but there seems to be more computers this time than there was last time. Silently watching from the doorway is Lain's father, who seems worried about her. Downstairs, Mika asks her father what is up with Lain, since Lain has been acting weird lately. He tells her nothing is wrong, but when Mika leaves the room, he confirms to his wife that something is definately up with Lain.
     A man is then running through the streets, thinking someone is chasing him. When he steps up to put his key into the door of his apartment, he is shaking to much to fit it in. When he drops it and bends over to pick it up, he looks up to see a little girl with a stuffed toy moving closer. The girl gets closer and says "Gotcha", as if it were part of her game (which it was, the kindergartners tag game). Apparently he commits suicide because he was so scared. The next day, Alice and her two friends are talking about how a senior had commited suicide, and how he was one of several who had done so. They ask Lain what she knows, and Lain says it has something to do with a game, as she had heard from the wired. All of the people that commited suicide were hooked on this game (Phantoma). Lain leaves her friends to go work on her Navi, and Alice confirms that there is a change in Lain. Then the same little girl from the night before drops her stuffed toy, and Alice picks it up for her. From this scene, we know that the little girl is innocent and meant no harm to that man the night before.
     Again, Lain has more computers in her room. And she is checking a message that tells her what to do to finish installing the Psyche processor. Then in Cyberia, Lain (not the real one) asks JJ what he knows about the game the kids are playing, and when JJ turns around to see Lain, no one is there, as if it was just a voice that asked him the question. Then  outside, another guy is running from something. He turns around to see the game Phantoma as if he was in the wired itself, and chasing him was a ghostly image of Lain. He runs and just smashes his handheld Navi,  and a few seconds later he is in the game. He hears Lain's voice, and asks if she is a PK also, but she responds that she can not go where he is. Then a child comes up behind him, and scares him. He pulls out an invisible gun that would be used in the game he was trapped in, and shoots her several times, till she is dead. Thus, he is out of the game, sitting on top of the building. near him, is what appears to be a body wrapped up in a blanket. It is morning now, and the ghost image of Lain is watching him. Then  the boy begins to talk, and said he had no idea it was just a young girl he killed. He said that Phantoma was the most advanced dungeon style game ever, and it let you play freely in the wired. Somehow, it had gotten linked to a childs tag game.
     Lain is in her room, just sitting at her computer, when new mail arrives, it was from JJ, who states that he thinks the game was messed up by the nights, and they caused all that stuff to happen. Then Lain's father comes in the room, and observes that Lain has gotten very used to talking to people on the Wired. But offers his warning, that Lain has become obsessed, that it is only an advanced mean for communication, not to get it confused with the real world. Lain says he is wrong, that there is no clear border between the two, and she would be able to enter it soon. Her father states that it would be impossible with a Civilian use Navi, and for someone who had no idea what it was last time, states she used  a Psyche processor. Once her father leaves the room, Lain sees two red dots, that come from the men in black. She looks out the window to see them standing there. She yells go away, and a wave of energy generates. It hits the smaller man in black, and breaks the device off his face. The car speeds off, and Lains Navi says intruder interrupted.

Layer 05 Distortion

     During the typical street scene, we hear a voice saying that if you can hear it, its real; and if you can see it, its yours to have. Then a man's voice is explaining something to us about man. He says that mankind is no longer able to evolve, that it is an absurd creature. He goes on to say that man is worthless. Then we find out that he is talking to Lain, and tells her that she does not have to remain a wretched human forever, that she can cheat mortality by the exit man has created. God, as he identifies himself, says the Wired is the escape.
     Mika is leaving her boyfriend's place and walking to the street. All of a sudden, a car comes out of nowhere and swerves right into a lot of people. Mika just fixes her hair, and walks off as you hear the sound of ambulances. Meanwhile, Lain is asking her doll to tell her a story, but the doll tells her that there is no story Lain won't know since she knows everything. But the doll says for every event, there is first a prophecy to forshadow it. Next we hear the news from Lain's Navi.  The network that controls the cars had made an error, and caused the system to screw up; resulting in one fatality. After that , Lain is walking down the street and a man passes her a napkin. Mika passes the same area a few seconds later and also gets one handed out to her. Taro gets her attention, and asks her for a date. Mika decides to walk away when he accidently spills his drink on her uniform, making her open op the napkin to try to clean it off. She is surprised to see the message written on it, "the other side is voercrowded, the dead will have nowhere to go". Then she turns to see Lain in the street, chanting everyone gets connected, with cars just speeding past her. When Mika looks up at the big monitor screen that over looks the intersection, she sees Lain's image appear on it.
     The next scene Lain is sitting in her room, where a  mask is telling her that the prophecy will be fulfilled. Stating that all events are connected to a common line, or made to connect so to speak. Lain questions who makes them connect. At school, Alice and her friends question her about the hacking stunt that she pulled in the big screen. Then the Navi Lain has explains that the Information Bureau began investigation, that the traffic control crash was a deliberate act. At a resturaunt, Alice and her friends are talking about the knights, and her spam on hte "Fulfill the Prophecy".
     In Lain's room, the ghostly image of Lain's mother is talking to her.

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