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Serial Experiments Lain
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This section will list possible theories and ideas about Serial Experiments Lain. If you have any that you would like me to post on here, email me, but it would be better if you signed my guestbook on the main page of the site.

 Lain's Father with Tachibana?  Was Eiri a Representaion
of the Devil?
 Does Lain Represent Jesus?
What was the significance of Lain's
father in Layer 13?
 How were there
 two Lains?
 What was the alien for?

              Yasuo Iwakura Working for Tachibana

We know by the end of the series that there is more to him than the surface shows. From what we have seen, he is and expert with computers, which just paves the way for this theory. Does Lain's father work for Tachibana Labs?

When we are showed the clip in Layer 09 of Masami Eiri creating Protocol 7, we see a man standing behind him, that there can be no doubt of him being Yasuo Iwakura. In Layer 01, we see him in his computer room, and its obvious that he can work with computers. And in Layer 09 when we see the clip of Lain being pushed into the house of her new family (the Iwakuras), two men in dark suits push her in; most likely the Tachibana men.

Also, in Layer 03, Lain asks her father about the Psyche chip. He claims he has no idea about it and leaves abruptly. In the next episode, he even says "a psyche processor", for someone who has "no idea" what the psyche chip is, he seems to know a lot. Yasuo had to have worked for Tachibana Labs.

Following the fact that Yasuo helped with Protocol 7, that  would explain why he loves Lain. Since he was part of making Protocol 7, and that is what resulted in Lain, then a connection could be made that Lain's creators are Eiri and Yasuo. So they would be like her fathers, since they gave her life. For this reason, Yasuo loved her, she was something he helped create. And since he loved her, he decided that he would be the one she lived with, along with his wife and daughter Mika.

Go right here for something that explores this a little bit further 

                     Eiri's God Representation
Eiri claimed himself to be God of the Wired. One thing in Layer 1 that many people think establishes his character, is the girl with the morphing faces that the train hits. Once face is the skull, or demon like face. Personally, I came up with the theory that this shows he represents the Devil or Satan.
In the Christian belief, the Devil is an Anti-Christ being that uses temptation to lure others to his side. We can see some of this in Eiri, he tried to tempt Lain to worship him, and come to the wired. Ideals like the wired is freedom, and come to the wired, all that was to bring people to come to his world that was filled with great things. Perhaps in some aspect, the Wired or parts of the Wired may represent the place known as Hell.
    We find out from Chisa herself that the wired isnt all that great and dying isn't easy, despite in Layer 3 when a voice says it feels so good to die. And the Knights, who do all this evil, could represent demons, the ones that follow the devil. And after the Knights were all dead, Eiri had no one to believe in him, so he tried to tempt Lain into being his follower. All this put together shows that Eiri is truely a devil-like being, and someone that only wishes he could be like God, just like the devil was according to the bible.

Also, something interesting I find between Satan and Eiri, is that a similar event happened to both. For doing something that was wrong and they were kicked out; in Satan's case he tried to rule heaven and was thrown out, and Eiri incorporated Schuman Resonance into Protocol 7 and was fired.
Was Eiri and the devil one in the same? I rest my case.

                   Does Lain Represents Jesus?
 Although there are several people or things that Lain could represent, many people associate her with portraying Jesus. If you think that sounds a little off as I first did, then I think you should reconsider.  

     Jesus is considered to have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure others could live, he sacrificed his life. Lain did the exact same thing, kind of. At the end of the series, she erased all memory of her, thus saving the lives (reputations also) of some people, such as Alice. But that came at a sacrifice to her, she lost her mortality. Jesus died on the cross to ensure that others could live, and Lain destroyed her life so others could live peacefully.
One other event in the life of Jesus that I can connect to Lain, is the fact that Jesus was at one time tempted by the devil. If you believe in the theory posted above, that Eiri represents Satan or a devil, then you should be able to believe this. Lain was tempted by Eiri, and believed in him as a god. So Lain falling to the temptation of Eiri may be symbolic to the event in Jesus's life when he was tempted by the devil.


 What was the significance of Lain's
father in Layer 13?

There are several, and I mean several interpretations of this. I will state mine first.
1. After all of the dialouge building up to this point, you can deduce that it was God that appeared to Lain. Whether or not God was her father all along, or if he just took the shape of her father, is hard to say. I support that it was not truely her father, but you will see loops in some of my intrepretations for this scene once you read further. It was in fact God she was talking to. We see the factor that God gives us choices, from when he says you dont have to wear that bear suit ever again. The fact that Lain has to look up into the light to see his form, and the party is kinda like in the sky. 

2. I do not support this at all, but here is what many believe. 
It was only Lain's imagination, since she was lonely. To back it up that he wasn't the God, the real father almost remembered her in the last episode at the dinner table, but just shrugged it off.

How were there two Lains?

This is something that I came up with all by myself, so this exporation comes from this site.

In order to believe this, you have to believe in the fact that Lain's father worked for Tachibana and helped Eiri make Protocol 7.
Now, there were two Lains, one that existed in the wired and the real world. But how can that come to be? Eiri and Lain's father, two very different people, developed Protocol 7 which created Lain's existance. The good Lain lived in the real world, while the bad one lived in the wired.
Think of that compared to where Eiri lived and Lain's father lived. Eiri, the bad one, inhabited the wired with the bad Lain, while Lain's father inhabited the real world with the good Lain.
A Lain was created for both of them, depending on how Eiri or Yasuo were, evil or good. At the end, in Layer 13 after the reset, the two Lain's are there face to face again. The good Lain even makes a comment on how she "sounds just like him" (him referred to Eiri). The duplicate Lain tells her that shes good, and the good Lain disagrees and overcomes the evil Lain.

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The Alien from Layer 09

This one has so many interpretations it's not even funny. I will list the many possibilities, with mine at the top.
1. This was to portray the working of ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office). John Lily was said to have been in contact with aliens, who worked towards the advancement of humans.
2. It represents the unknown, the fact that something strange is always  nearby.
3. I believe that I read this on an interview with a producer, the alien was put in there for the heck of it, no reason at all. Another interview with another person said that it was colored in red and green stripes, like the nyphms in European myths that invaded houses at night.

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